Emergence Of BAPEX

Bangladesh Petroleum Exploration and Production Company Limited (BAPEX) was established in 1989 as the national exploration company by abolishing the Exploration Directorate of Petrobangla with a view to accelerating oil and gas exploration activities of the country. BAPEX was transformed into an exploration and production company in 2000 with a view to making it self-reliant. Currently BAPEX is producing about 120 mmcf gas daily from its six onshore gas fields (Saldanadi, Fenchuganj, Shahbazpur, Semutang, Shahjadpur-Sundalpur and Srikail) contributing to mitigate the increasing gas demand of the country. Besides, exploration and drilling activities in its awarded areas, BAPEX has also been conducting drilling and work-over operations to other sister concerns of Petrobangla since its beginning. BAPEX was awarded exploration block 8 & 11 along with some ring-fenced structures. Oil and gas exploration and development activities are being conducted periodically in these areas.

Evolution Of Bapex

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