Scope Of BAPEX


  • Geological Field Survey
  • Basin Study/Basin Modeling
  • Seismic Data Interpretation
  • Prospects Evaluation for Oil and Gas
  • Proposal for exploratory and appraisal wells
  • Well Site Geology
  • Mudlogging Services
  • Wireline Logging
  • Log Interpretation and Zone Selection for Testing
  • Reserve and Resource Estimation

Technical Services

  • Well Cementing
  • Mud Engineering
  • Well Testing


  • Repair and Maintenance of Rig and Rig equipment, vehicles, transport/ special transport, crane, earth moving equipment etc.
  • Mobilization/ demobilization of Rig and Rig equipment, drilling materials, chemicals, well service equipment etc.
  • Carry out fabrication works and produce new tools by fully equipped machine shop at Chittagong in order to provide services to sister concerns of Petrobangla and IOCs.


  • Seismic Data Acquisition (2D and 3D)
  • Data Processing (2D and 3D)
  • Data Interpretation (2D and 3D)
  • Structure Identification


  • Process Engineering
  • Reservoir Engineering/Management
  • Maintenance & Engineering Modification

Civil Construction

  • Well site development for drilling.
  • Site development for production facilities etc.
  • Rendering construction services to other companies.


  • Exploratory Drilling
  • Appraisal/Development Drilling
  • Casing/Tubing Setting
  • Work Over Operations
  • MWD

Data Management

  • Geological, Geophysical Data Storage
  • Preservation of Magnetic Tapes and Reports
  • Data Sales

Laboratory Services

  • Petrophysical Core Analysis–Routine & Special Core Analysis
  • Sedimentological Analysis
  • Biostratigraphic Analysis
  • Fluid Analysis– Natural Gas- Seepage Gas Oil- Condensate, Produced/ Formation Water
  • Core-Outcrop Analysis for Source Rock Evaluation
  • Cement Testing for Well Cementation
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