Production Division

  • Software & Firmware :
    • ABB Freelance DCS for design of DCS system as well as for Process Plant Operation.
    • SIEMENS SIMATIC S-700 (300/400) for design of PLC system as well as for Process Plant Operation.
    • SIEMENS WINCC Professional for supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) and human-machine interface (HMI) system. Also confirm the visibility in operation &production with Plant Intelligence.
    • YOKOGAWA CENTUM VP for design of DCS system as well as for Process Plant Operation.
  • NDT & Inspection Facilities:
    • High Speed Industrial Flaw Detector- OmniscaniX, Olympus, USA.
    • Industrial Video scope: IPLEX MX R, Olympus, USA.
    • Ultrasonic Hand Held digital Flaw detector, Model EPOCH XT, Brand : Olympus.
    • Ultrasonic Hand Held digital Thickness Gauge, Model 45 MG , Brand : Olympus.
    • Corrosion voltmeter for cathodic protection test of buried pipeline complete with test leads and copper / copper sulfate half cell.
  • Instrument Calibration Facilities.
    • HART communicator Fisher 475 compatible with any type of Field transmitter.
    • Moisture measurement service.Suitable for water and hydrocarbon dew point measurements for flowing gas.
    • Multifunction Process Calibrator (FLUKE 475) with the facilities of Measure or source volts, mA, pressure, frequency, resistance, TCs, RTDs. Also facilities to measure pressure by using portable pressure module & Hand pump (Range 0-10000 psi).
    • Dead weight Tester. (0-10000 psi).
    • Portable pneumatic Calibrator for calibration of flow recorder, pressure gauge. Manometer fluid will be mercury and scale reading in inch of water. Range: 0 – 600 inch of  W. C.
    • Portable Digital IR Temperature gauge (0-10000F).
    • Portable gas detection system with calibration gas.
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