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আন্তর্জাতিক দরপত্র বিজ্ঞপ্তি

দরপত্র নং ও তারিখ বিবরণ ডাউনলোড
Date: 19-09-2023 Extension of closing date of Tender: BAPEX/ADMIN/INT/TEN-1181/2023
BAPEX/ADMIN/INT/TEN-1207/2023 Date: 18-09-2023 Procurement of 2D Seismic Data Acquisition System with Software-Hardware & Related Accessories for 2D Seismic Survey over Exploration Block-6B South & 10 Project
Date: 12-09-2023 Corrigendum of Tender: BAPEX/ADMIN/INT/TEN-1205/2023
BAPEX/ADMIN/INT/TEN-1193/2023 Date: 11-09-2023 Procurement of electrical spare parts for Bijoy-12 (ZJ50DBS) rig
BAPEX/ADMIN/INT/TEN-1198/2023 Date: 07-09-2023 Selection of consulting firm (International) for one top drive service engineer
BAPEX/ADMIN/INT/TEN-1206/2023 Date: 03-09-2023 Hiring of Directional Drilling Services (Directional Drilling Engineer & Directional Survey Engineer with MWD Equipment)
BAPEX/ADMIN/INT/TEN-1205/2023 Date: 03-09-2023 Procurement of Casing Accessories & Liner Hanger for 2 Appraisal Cum Development Wells (Sundalpur-4 & Srikil-5) and 2 Exploratory Wells (Sundalpur South-1 & Jamalpur -1) Drilling Project
Date: 31-08-2023 Extension of closing date of Tender: BAPEX/ADMIN/INT/TEN-1188/2023
Date: 29-08-2023 Extension of closing date of Tender: BAPEX/ADMIN/INT/TEN-1173/2023
BAPEX/ADMIN/INT/TEN-1203/2023 Date: 21-08-2023 Wireline logging services for Shahbazpur #4 and Zakiganj #1 workover wells
Date: 13-08-2023 Corrigendum to BAPEX/ADMIN/INT/TEN-1183/2023, BAPEX/ADMIN/INT/TEN-1188/2023 & BAPEX/ADMIN/INT/TEN-1189/2023
Date: 03-08-2023 Corrigendum to BAPEX/ADMIN/INT/TEN-1173/2023, BAPEX/ADMIN/INT/TEN-1184/2023, BAPEX/ADMIN/INT/TEN-1185/2023, BAPEX/ADMIN/INT/TEN-1186/2023 & BAPEX/ADMIN/INT/TEN-1187/2023
BAPEX/ADMIN/INT/TEN-1196/2023 Date: 03-08-2023 Selection of one service provider (International) for mud logging service engineer
BAPEX/ADMIN/INT/TEN-1181/2023 Date: 02-08-2023 Hiring of wireline logging services for Sundalpur # 4 appraisal cum development well
BAPEX/ADMIN/INT/TEN-1195/2023 Date: 01-08-2023 Procurement of mechanical spare parts for Bijoy-11 (ZJ40DBT) rig
BAPEX/ADMIN/INT/TEN-1194/2023 Date: 27-07-2023 Procurement of positioning/topo survey equipment, hardware, software & accessories
Date: 27-07-2023 Corrigendum to BAPEX/ADMIN/INT/TEN-1180/2023
BAPEX/ADMIN/INT/TEN-1191/2023 Date: 06-07-2023 Procurement of drilling machine and accessories for :2D seismic survey over exploration block 6B South and 10" project
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